String Picture II

January. 2013


Japanese | English

In this work, I improved the former work “String Picture” and added two more video devices.

A one movie is of a string that is loosely sewn into a cloth. A string is hanging out of a hole in the device connected to this movie and, when pulled, provides the physical sensation of dragging the string in the video.

The second movie is of a fork. There are 4 strings on this device and the fork in the video bends with the movement of each string. The weight of the string becomes heavier according to the number of fork prongs that are being manipulated. This synchronization provides a realistic, physical sensation that improves on the original.

The third movie is of laundry hanging in the garden. Seven strings are connected to the device - each tied to a piece laundry on the monitor. Each time a string is pulled by a participant, a particular piece of laundry is pulled out as if it was done by participant's hand. By this structure with the 7 strings, the only one link in the random things is emphasized.

In these three video devices, I tried to create a new interactive experience that provides the participant with a different physical feeling in each device despite each device utilizing the same behavior – “pulling”.

(Arduino, Processing)